For 20 years a customer of Comm'ant

Recently we said goodbye to one of our founding clients: one of our first clients Rob Magendans is about to retire. In the past 2 decades he has embraced the Comm'ant method and software at 4 different companies and applied it very successfully.


Quality delivers real gains: for all stakeholders

Rob's efforts and expertise have brought his employers no harm. At his last company Priema BV (producer of high-quality metal semi-finished products) he managed to reduce the error margin from 0.7% to 0.0007%. An unprecedented achievement for high volume production companies. They have thus become part of a select company of 10PPM suppliers of the PACCAR group (including DAF).

We are of course enormously grateful to Rob Magendans for his many years of "patronage". And even more grateful for the contribution he has made to the development of our product. With his constructive feedback, he has regularly challenged us to look at our approach differently.

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